mat jenin kota@photoblog

mat jenin kota@photoblog
i love photography..most of my photos was taken by using nokia 6680..why use nokia 6680?? huhu...coz i just have a nokia 6680's camera..but, althought i just have a such like that camera, but it couldnt stop my hobbies to take lot of beautiful photos..(hmm..maybe i should start to spend money to buy some new digital camera... :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hello guyS..i'm back! here is my lastest photos captured that i took at around mY university (UiTM Malaysia).. guyS, hope u could leave a comment about the photos take i had caught. hope all of ur comment could help me to improve my photography skills..huhu

view from level 8 of my faculty, faculty of Civil Engineeringf, UiTM Malaysia..

Photos taken from corner of my faculty..hmm.. the day is getting dark.. favourite perfume and cubic game..

what are u wrote on that board sir?...that is too much.. i didnt understand it!!

My friend...struggling to copy the notes from lecturer..

Photos caught from the level 6 of my faculty..


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