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mat jenin kota@photoblog
i love photography..most of my photos was taken by using nokia 6680..why use nokia 6680?? huhu...coz i just have a nokia 6680's camera..but, althought i just have a such like that camera, but it couldnt stop my hobbies to take lot of beautiful photos..(hmm..maybe i should start to spend money to buy some new digital camera... :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Finally...Terengganu, Here I Come!!

Hi guys...hmm...It was too longtime for me to not posting any photos on my photo blog...Guys, if you’re still remember, before this I was promise to show the photos about my visit to Terengganu, Malaysia..But it was deferred for long time coz I’ve no time to spent with my blog.hmm, as you know, I’m a final year student, so there was lot of job that I need to do to fulfill my degree (assignment, final project,test,quiz,bla..bla..haha).i’m so sorry to all u guys, for taking a lot of time to posting all of that photos..But, now i’ve already posting my Terengganu trip photos...All of this is for u guys...Let’s enjoys..Welcome to Terengganu, welcome to Malaysia!
(p/s: actually all the photos for this trip was caught using Olympus digital camera, not use my Nokia 6680,..huhu)

This photos was caught at Kenyir so beautiful view..

This is photo that i've taken at chalet that we have rent in Mengabang Telipot..

Photo was caught at area of that chalet..

This photo of 'Pakcik', show us about the local citizen of the terengganu

The nice and beautiful view of Terengganu's beach

Photo of the sunset at the terengganu beach..

boat, tyres,beach...which one inspire u?

woww...were flying ! were enjoying our vacation to Terengganu

Dataran Shahbandar, situated beside at the bay in Kuala Terengganu..

the view from the Dataran Shahbandar, Kuala Terengganu..

Durian...the most famous and delicious fruit in Malaysua..have u try it??..if not, u should tyr it!!

The photo of my friend, 'Mat' standing in front of the ' Traditional Torism bus'.. used as a official tourist bus.
At Dataran Shahbandar, Kuala Terengganu..
Yeaaa...if u have a planning to going holiday, lets come to Terengganu and Malaysia...
(photo: in front of Istana Maziah, Kuala Terengganu..)


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