mat jenin kota@photoblog

mat jenin kota@photoblog
i love photography..most of my photos was taken by using nokia 6680..why use nokia 6680?? huhu...coz i just have a nokia 6680's camera..but, althought i just have a such like that camera, but it couldnt stop my hobbies to take lot of beautiful photos..(hmm..maybe i should start to spend money to buy some new digital camera... :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hmm, actually before this i've promise to posting some of photos of my trip to Terengganu, malaysia..But it had to be postponed cause several reason..Last night i've tried to find the 'DVD' that containing all of that photos, but i have not found it..
So for this episode, i have replacing the photos that i've promise to show to all of u guys with other photos..

The photos below was taken by me by using my nokia 6680..i had taken all of this photos during my mid-semester holiday..

this photos i have name it 'tunas cahaya'..this photos was taken by me at 7.oo am

hmm..what make me interested with this above photo is about the combinaton colours of the umbrella..huhu blue + red..unique right!

hmm..the combination of malaysian local fruits..try to looks at its torn..too sharp right.

One of my favourite shot.. i take this shot from inside of my house..for me this shot should bring a lot of meaning..

Now we are reaching the end of point guys..hope all of you guys are satisfied with what i've been post in this episode..see you in the next post, haha


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