mat jenin kota@photoblog

mat jenin kota@photoblog
i love photography..most of my photos was taken by using nokia 6680..why use nokia 6680?? huhu...coz i just have a nokia 6680's camera..but, althought i just have a such like that camera, but it couldnt stop my hobbies to take lot of beautiful photos..(hmm..maybe i should start to spend money to buy some new digital camera... :)

Monday, February 2, 2009


Photography is practiced on a professional level for portraiture and for various commercial and industrial applications, including the preparation of photographs for advertising, illustration, display, and record-keeping. Press photography is for newspaper and magazine illustrations of topical events and objects. Photography is used at several levels in the graphic arts to convert original photographs or other illustrations into printing plates for high-quality reproduction in quantity. Industrial photography includes the generation and reproduction of engineering drawings, high-speed photography, schlieren photography, metallography, and many other forms of technical photography which can aid in the development, design, and manufacture of various products.


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